What do I need to do to identify and repair a defect


Building Defects

We have the resources to investigate the problem and to specify an appropriate repair.

Building Defects

All buildings have one thing in common with their owners, they age and deteriorate and the older they become the more TLC they require to keep them in a serviceable condition. You want to know what the problem is. How was it caused? How can it be corrected? How much will it cost to put it right?

A conscientious property owner will quickly identify a problem as a stand-alone item or will discover the defect during regular maintenance.

A valuation or home buyers survey may identify a defect that is of sufficient concern to the surveyor to warrant further investigation. If the defect alone is not sufficient to warrant a full survey of the building we can undertake a survey of the specific defect.

We have the knowledge, experience and resources to investigate and identify the problem and to specify an appropriate repair.

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