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Structural Surveys

We can tailor a survey to suit your specific requirements

Strucural Surveys

Purchasing a property is likely to be the most expensive process you will ever enter into. A mortgage lender's valuation will provide a basic level of survey, the report will only mention readily identifiable matters that significantly affect the valuation, and are not therefore considered to be a report on the property's condition.

For peace of mind your own structural survey will provide a more detailed report on a property. In particular larger properties and properties over 15 years require a level of survey that is more detailed. Obtaining a structural survey will highlight any serious structural issues enabling you to budget for repairs and to decide what you consider is a reasonable price, before committing to purchase.

A structural survey will include:

  • Room by room analysis
  • All component parts of the structure and fabric
  • A visual check of services
  • Accessible sub floor and roof voids
  • Grounds and outbuildings
  • Advice on problems and remedial works
  • Provide advice on repairs and on-going maintenance

At David Hough Surveyor Ltd we can tailor a survey to suit your specific requirements provided in an easy to read and understand form.

Understandably you will have questions after you have read your report be it your first purchase or if you are a seasoned house buyer. You are actively encouraged to contact us to discuss any issues that are of concern to you or those that require a little clarification.

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